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Below you will find a number of resources and supports that can be accessed by educators globally to support their professional learning endeavours. There is access to portable document formats, websites and videos. You may utilize the filters above to narrow down your search, and pay close attention to the *language each resource is available in. This will be noted in the resource preview.
Alternative to Rubrics
This PDF is an introduction to using a Guide to Student Success in the classroom as an alternative form of assessment to standard rubrics. The document shares what this form of assessment is and how to use it in the classroom.
Tips for Teachers
This webpage contains a library of theme-specific sets of tips (in link form) that supply information and tips for teachers regarding various components of teaching, ranging from pointers for the first day of class to how to incorporate current events into your pedagogy.
Gathering Student Achievement
This presentation includes a list of 56 different ways to assess students. There is an explaination of each strategy, sometimes an image as an example, as well as, what type of assessment it is. The assessment could be student work, self-reporting, technology, peer assessment, teacher observations, teacher feedback or self-assessment.
Assessment Through the Eyes of the Student
The following article shares how students expereince different types of assessment and includes different scenarios to help further the learning.
Classroom Management
Alternative Rules
This blog entry is written by an experienced teacher who really dives into classroom rules and how to introduce them in a classroom.
Teaching Strategies
This website contains information, tips, content, and teaching strategies for teachers of all grades and subjects, particularly classroom management and assessment. For some of the strategies, there are video clips for teachers to watch a strategy in action.
Special Education
Teaching Strategies for Students with Special Needs
This website provides teachers with teaching strategies for students with special needs. These strategies are organized by student's needs, exceptionalities, and diagnosed medical/psychological conditions.
Special Education Webinar
This webinar focuses on classroom management supports for ADHD behaviours in early childhood education settings.
Effective Educational Practices for Student with Autisum Spectrum Disorder
This resource guide was designed to support elementary and secondary teachers in the implementation of effective educational programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). It includes: Tips for teachers, Tools and Techniques, Deep Insight, Program Planning, and Additional Resources.
Learning for All
This website has a great array of resources for French educators to use during online learning or in the classroom.
La participation à la vie sociale
This website helps teachers looking for ways to teach social skills to students.
21st Century Competencies
Educational Webinars
This resource holds monthly webinars of a variety of informative and educational topics
Pedagogical Documents
This website includes links to great documents on integrating cooperation and interdisciplinary content into the classroom.
Professional Development webinar Series
This website provides educators with various webinars that can be viewed on their own time surrounding various key topics including mental health, literacy and special education.
Teaching Online
A small collection of teacher professional development resources (websites, podcasts, blogs) in order to help teachers with successfully planning and executing remote learning.
Learning for a Sustainable Future : Connecting the Dots
This website provides educators with learning strategies for environmental education that can help students develop 21st century skills. This resource links environemntal, economic and social issues across subjects while providing students with the opportunity to make connections to their own communities, experiences and knowledge.
Teacher Podcast
MindShift podcast is a good resource for teachers wanting to keep up to date on new innovations in education. It explores the future of learning in all its dimensions. Its examines how learning is being affected by technology, discoveries about the brain, poverty, inequities, mindfulness, agency, social and emotional learning, assessments, game-based learning and music, among many other topics.
Multimedia Resources for K-12
This website provides K-12 educators with resources for each subject area. Educators can search this website for various topics within a grade level and subject. Resources are multidisciplinary as videos and texts are available.
Engaging Students in Sustainable Action Projects
This resource provides teachers with an overview of a framework that can be used to help get students engaged in sustainable action projects.
Social Emotional Foundations
The website is focused on promoting the social-emotional development and school readiness of young children birth to age 5. It provides early-childhood educators with tools for working on “building relationships” and helps them to improve teaching social-emotional skills.
Remote Learning for Educators and Families
The website supports educators and families facing the unprecedented challenge of remote learning due to COVID-19. It provides remote learning resources for educators and families.
Early Literacy
Resources for Language Development in K-12 multilingual learners
WIDA is a website that provides educators and administrators with high-quality, research-based tools and resources, dedicated to the language development for K-12 multilingual learners. Educators can search for professional learning resources based on topic, type and language.
Supporting Early Learning and Development
This website provides an innovative, research-based professional Development for Child & Youth Educators, which offers seven professional development track (Infant & Toddler, Preschool, School-Age, Training & Curriculum Specialist, Management, and Family Child Care).
Free Education Webinars
This website provides Early Education Professionals with access to free webinars focusing on a wide range of relevant topics to the field of early childhood education.
Supporting English Language Learners: A practical guide for Ontario educators
This resource helps teachers understand the kinds of supports that English language learners require.
School Leadership
Instructional Leadership Practices
Principals Want to Know is a series of tip sheets for principals to support their instructional leadership practice. Each PDf has additional resources and readings focusing on practical issues they are facing in schools.
5 Key Practicies to how good Leadership can Guide a School.
This PDF dives into the school principals role as the leader. It gives 5 key practicies to how good leadership can guide a school to better teaching and learning.
Leading inclusive schools
This journal article shares three key things that principals should do to create a more inclusive school community.
Exploring leadership practices
The following PDF has 8 case studies to help principals think about real life examples when improving their leadership abilities.
Principals as Instructional Leaders
This resource explores the importance of instructional leadership, developing effective leaders, and leadership support for aspiring to experienced princicals.
Critical Literacy
Online pedagogy resources
Click on 'Guides d'enseignement efficace' to see documents related to only literacy, or 'Fiches d'activités provenant des modules' for all things critical literacy.
Guide to effective literacy instruction
This document connects practice and research for students grade 4 to 6. The PDF is all about reading and writing.
Guide to effective oral communication instruction
The following PDF contains everything to create an effecitve oral communication classroom. It includes planning, classroom management, and evaluation tips.
Connecting Practice and Research: Critical Literacy Guide
This explores the importance of critical literacy in education and provides effective instruction strategies for elementary to secondary students.
Promoting Critical Literacy across the Curriculum and Fostering Safer Learning Environments
This resource explores how teachers can better promote critical literacy across the curriculum, and use it to help cultivate safer schools.
Developing Critical Literacy Skills
This looks at developing critical literacy skills through the exploration of masculine and feminine stereotypes in children’s literature.
Reading & Writing Strategy Guides
This website provides educators with literacy strategy guides for grades K - 12. These guides offer teaching strategies for effective literacy teaching and learning strategies. Each strategy guide also provides links to various lesson plans that implement the specific strategy.
Why Teach Critical Literacy?
This PDF informs teachers on what critical literacy means in the classroom and why is it important, providing instruction on how to teach it to students.
Effective strategies for K-12 science instruction.
This PDF article offers a range of effective strategies for K-12 science instruction. Topics include strategies for enhancing context, flexible grouping to promote collaboration, effective questioning, and inquiry.
Effective Science Instruction
This resource offers information on the elements of effective K-12 science instruction by drawing on research findings. Other topics include motivating students and engaging students’ prior knowledge in the subject of science. This resource includes sample lessons.
Science teaching and learning in Primary Grades
This resource aids teachers in developing a better understanding of teaching and learning in primary science. This article discusses teachers’ decisions on what to teach in conjunction with how their professional practice will nurture this learning. Topics covered in this resource include what science is in terms of the curriculum and the role of teachers, teacher thinking, assessment, important aspects of primary science, supportive learning environments, and making science relevant.
Sharing Biomimicry with Young People
This resource was designed to help K-12 educators establish a general foundation in biomimicry and provide ideas for introducing this new way of thinking and problem solving.
Focus on Inquiry
This PDF provides educators with a great basis on inquiry. It is great for both science and mathematics.
Design Thinking
The blog includes a video to help teachers beeter think about design thinking and how they can use it in their classroom.
Key Learning Strategies for Environmental Education, Citizenship, and Sustainability
This resource offers Key Strategies that Transform Learning for Environmental Education, Citizenship and Sustainability. It was developed to assist educators in transforming learning experiences to meet the needs of 21st Century learners.
Pedagogy Help
This YouTube channel provides a variety of pedagogical content for teachers to learn from.
Ted Talks
Ted Talks for inspiration, to use with students, or to learn from. This resource supplies teachers with anything they may need in video format.
Digital Literacy
This website provides a digital literacy training program. It features self directed tutorials, downloadable PDF's and a teachers guide to assist in the implementation of digital literacy in the classroom.
Guides to Effective Math Instruction
This is the main webpage that has over 24 PDF regarding math instruction. There are also other direct links to the best documents here on the ELI page like the Foundations to Effective Math instruction and Problem Solving and Communication pdfs.
Videos on leaders in mathematics
The following videos provide educators with a large range of mathematical pedagogy from leaders in the mathematical community.
The Learning Exchange: Mathematics
The learning exchange is a great site for all things professional developement, here is a link to their math specific site. We have also included specific links to great resources within the site.
Mathematics Professonal Learning Video Series
This web page features a mathematics professional learning video series with ministry developed educator resources.
Fundmentals of Math: Learning Module
This training module features a PDF Teachers guide and videos focusing on the fundamentals of math related to the expectations in the Number Sense & Numeration strand, and expectations that relate to number properties in the Patterning and Algebra strand. from Gr.1 -8.
Math: Gap Closing Teacher Resources
These math resources were developed to help teachers provide precisely targeted remediation for students who are behind in mathematics. There is a diagnostic and a set of intervention materials for numerous math strands from junior to senior grades.
Foundations to Effective Math Instruction
This PDF is a great resource for improving beliefs and understanding of math instruction.
Problem solving and communication
This guide helps educators learn more about problem-solving in a mathematics classroom. It also dives into communicating the math thinking.
Teaching Mathematical Process Skills
This PDF is a useful resource for helping teachers to teach their students how to use mathematical process skills. It discusses why it is important to engage students in mathematical processes, offering a list of instructional strategies for each mathematical process expectation, including sample questions to ask students and sample feedback to offer students.
An Effective Mathematics Classroom
This resource helps teachers understand the importance of observation in the mathematics classroom, outlining the role of both teacher and students, as well as offering some of the best practices for an effective math classroom, while noting some ineffective practices.
Inquiry Based Learning
The following article shares how teachers can implement inquiry based learning into their classroom, it includes the different types of inquiry based learning and some examples.
Using Virtual Manipulatives in Mathematics
This video is all about using math manipulatives during online learning. It is geared towards kindergarten to grade 2
Math Solutions
This website provides teachers with free resources to support their professional development with regards to mathematics. Educators can access resources in a variety of forms including blog posts, articles, webinars and videos.
Three Act Math Tasks
This website provides educators with an introduction to three act math tasks with a podcast, a list of resources for teaching and a search engine to find three act math tasks.
Seven Foundational Principles for Improvement in Mathematics K-12
This resource provides educators with an overview of seven priciples than can be used to improve student success and understanding in mathematics.